Now in its second edition, check out The Heartbeat of Success on Amazon!

The Heartbeat of Success provides a step-by-step guide to successfully prepare a medical school application—starting all the way at the beginning, with choosing an undergraduate major! Whether you’re about to begin college, a post-baccalaureate student or you’re reapplying to medical school for the second time, this book has something to offer. Learn about:

  • Succeeding in undergraduate school

  • Asking for letters of recommendation

  • Extracurricular activities

  • Preparing for the MCAT

  • Writing your personal statement

  • Submitting your medical school application

  • Medical school interviews

…and much, much more!

If you’re even thinking about becoming a physician, this book is for you. Knowing what medical schools want is challenging. Mentorship and guidance are absolutely essential to your success. Alexa Mieses, knows very well the importance of mentorship and wants to serve as your mentor.


 "...very down to earth, very logical and accurate advice. It’s a good read!”
Dr. Ryan Gray, MD, Co-Founder of Medical School Headquarters

"Dr. Mieses has written the most complete guide to medical college entrance I have ever seen. It is organized logically and no doubt will be extraordinarily relevant. In my experience, members of minority groups have received a paucity of guidance and her book will shortly become their ‘premed adviser’."
Irwin M. Dannis, MD, FACP, Retired Admissions Co-Chair, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Mentoring in Medicine, Inc.

“The Heartbeat of Success is an engaging guide that takes readers by the hand through the stages of preparing and planning for medical school.  Alexa shares candidly her well researched advice and personal experiences as well as the experiences of others in order to guide you through the often daunting experience of being a pre-medical student and applying to medical school.  Ultimately, fierce preparation plus opportunity will lead you to success.”
Jennifer Betancourt, Director of Educational Policy, Harvard School of Public Health